Haciendo sogas en una calle de Valtierra, Navarra

Our history

The craft trade has been passed down with passion from father to son, respecting the processes of creating brooms for more than 100 years.


The trajectory began with Pablo Jiménez, who after years as a street vendor of products that he himself made with his hands, finally settled in Valtierra and taught his children the technique of making brooms.

His great-grandfather Epifanio Jiménez, one of Pablo's sons, introduced millet as a material for making brooms.


In order to carry out a fixed production of brooms during the year, they decided to sow and contract plots with farmers in order to have sufficient quality spikes with the growing demand for Valtierra millet brooms.

In those years, the elaboration of the brooms was done in a family cave and a small store owned by the family of Epifanio's daughter, Carmen Jiménez and her husband Rufino Mendi , who with the help of their children managed to relaunch the production of thousands of brooms. and dedicate himself exclusively to the trade.


The transfer to the current location is carried out, in Calle Puerto , and the construction of two warehouses. It is then when the company Escobas Mendi was established , from where up to 400,000 brooms were produced per year.

Generations have followed, the trade is taught with care and thus it was passed from father to son : from great-grandfather Pablo it passed to great-grandfather Epifanio, who passed it on to grandmother Carmen and grandfather Rufino and these to their sons José Miguel and Enrique, who became They are active with Miguel, son of José Miguel and the last artisan of the family .


Miguel, son of José Miguel, and the last artisan in the family, continues to innovate every day , to offer artisan brooms on demand for all kinds of sectors, and currently its distribution is done practically through online channels, throughout the country, Europe and Ships to various countries around the world.

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